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August 22, 2022

What is Genopets? A Comprehensive Guide - Rainmaker Games

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Solana's first free-to-play (F2P) NFT game, Genopets, encourages players to get up and move in order to earn rewards. To reward players for their real-world exploration, evolution, and battles with their Genopets, Genopets integrates step data from users' mobile devices with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics.


Genopets combines the care and development of Tamagotchi with the training and combat of Pokemon with the fitness and social incentives of Strava, all while paying players with cryptocurrency for maintaining an active lifestyle. The term "Move-to-Earn" was created by Genopets.



The two co-founders of Genopets are Albert Chen and Benjamin Tse. Engineered, economically, and commercially savvy, Chen is a serial entrepreneur. While Tse is new to the blockchain industry, she has over 16 years of expertise in product design, UI/UX, and SaaS, and she has been working in the industry since 2016. In early 2021, he served as an advisor for the NFT marketplace's several chains.


Move To Earn

  1. Trainer — Genopets can be played by trainers who want to make money by improving and evolving their pets and then trading them or selling them in an open market.

  2. Merchant — To frequently trade rare and precious crystals, merchants can buy, build, and terraform habitats to cultivate these commodities.

  3. Landlord — Landlords can buy habitats to rent out to other players for a consistent income stream.


The battle mechanism in Genopets is decentralized, so players can take part in numerous bouts at once, and spectators can earn $KI by correctly predicting who will win. Turn-based battles hinge heavily on how well the player does in a number of hard minigames.


Users can spend their KI on various items for their Genopet, such as food, clothing, and accessories, and on modifying their Genopet's moveset and skill tree to better reflect their own unique preferences and play styles.

Free To Play

There is no initial investment required to start playing Genopets, unlike many other play-to-win games. Users can call forth their Genopet with no cost and immediately start accumulating $KI tokens. However, in order to advance more rapidly, users may opt to acquire additional NFTs and things from the marketplace or during a sale event.


Wearable and Mobile Integration

Genopets plans to integrate with mobile devices running Google Fit or Apple Health to import data on users' physical activity using the apps. Additional activity and health data will be enabled over time through integrations with a variety of popular wearables. This would prioritize widely used gadgets and programs, and prevent any tampering with the data for $KI farming, so that we can reach the widest possible audience.



Genopets is centered around unique digital critters that are designed to grow and evolve based on the real-world decisions of its owner. By sharing personal data and completing challenges, the potential of each Genopet can be developed, increasing its stats and better preparing it for battle.


The game will eventually take in several kinds of biometric data, such as heart rate, sleep, and activity from several popular data capture devices, including Google Fit, Fitbit, Oura, and more. These will be worked into the gameplay, allowing participants to earn KI by being active.


Each Genopet is encoded with the player’s personality and fitness data, and is shaped through nurture and battle. The nurture mechanics are designed to challenge users physically, whereas the battle mechanics are designed to challenge them mentally. 

Genopet’s Game Currencies: 

1. Genopets ($GENE) - is the governing token of the Genoverse and staking is what allows you to realize its value. Governance, in-game utility and liquidity rewards are all enabled through the staking program.


You can check the current price of Genopets ($GENE) in Rainmaker Games' or Coinmarketcap's price aggregator. 


  • Stake GENE for Rewards - Earn benefits and rewards like reward pool GENE, private beta access, seasonal NFT drops, and future Energy boosts in-game.

  • Exclusive Genesis Drops - Participate in seasonal NFT sales, future treasure hunts, and Genesis NFT campaigns, and partnership drops using GENE Token. 

  • Governance Voting - In the future, staking will be the mechanism through which the community will vote on decisions such as future token emissions and game mechanics.

2. KI Token - is an in-game utility token. Habitat owners are able to harvest KI by converting Energy from steps each day. KI is burned when used and has a max daily earning cap for players.


  • Crystal Refinement - Refine crystals each day using KI Tokens to extend the lifespan of your Habitat while producing the ingredients used to craft items.

  • Alchemy & Crafting - Combine refined crystals with KI Tokens in your habitat’s lab to start crafting. Combine crystals of all types to create in-game items & power ups.

  • Terraforming - Create additional Habitats using KI Tokens, GENE Tokens, Refined Crystals, and a Terraform Seed to use or sell to other players or rent in the market.

That's it for our beginner's guide on Genopets. Start playing Genopets by clicking here. If you have a game you want to see published in Rainmaker Games, follow the steps on this  article, good luck.  


Those interested in joining the growing community can follow the project via Twitter, and Instagram.

In addition, the Rainmaker Games' Discord channel is a great place to learn, connect, and grow alongside other holders who believe in the project's vision.



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