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August 18, 2022

What is The Nemesis? A Comprehensive Guide - Rainmaker Games

The Nemesis
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Game Editor, Rainmaker Games


The Nemesis is a metaverse of the future. This cutting-edge technical innovation combines the best of virtual reality, 3D experiences, casual games, and blockchain technology.


The Nemesis gives you the freedom to become anybody you wish and travel to any place in an infinite number of alternate universes. The Nemesis generates a full-sphere space that users may move about in. We also supply a cutting-edge promotional instrument for use by forward-thinking businesses.


The Economy: 

  1. Players - Individuals who have used and liked The Nemesis's content and gameplay.

  2. Creators - Designers, or "Architects," are those that build and offer unique 3D environments and games. The Nemesis is able to expand quickly because of its UGC Ecosystem. Creators are inspired by the platform because of the additional income it provides. Feel your imagination blossom as you explore the metaverse's infinite resources.

  3. Metaverse Owners - Users that have their own metaverse to engage friends and establish a venue to gather, play, and communicate with their following are known as "metaverse owners," and they can be anything from brands to influencers to investors to gaming enthusiasts.


Metaverse Features: 

  1. Personal Lobby - Those places are for users only, so to speak. Each participant will have access to his or her own personal, 3D-set-customizable room. Each registered user is assigned a personal lobby, an individually themed private space.

  2. Planet and Filler - Lands that host platform metaverses are clustered together physically by planets. With respect to scale, topography, and, most importantly, uniformity, every planet is different (water, lava, rock, snow).

  3. Lands - To begin exploring the virtual world, you'll need to visit a land. In order to build a metaverse suitable for gaming, exploring, and witnessing live stream events, a 3D SET is applied to all lands, each of which is a unique 5x5 unit NFT ERC-721 with a separate matrix and various filler.

  4. 3D Set Template - They are pre-made examples of 3D scenes made in the editor. Templates can be created in three different sizes by default: small, medium, and large. The purchase of real estate is not necessary to create a template. The creator is free to either sell or utilize his works commercially or at home. 


With the Nemesis, players can create their very own metaverses. The player creates them by combining the land they have acquired with the 3D sets they have acquired. Players can create unique communities, virtual art galleries to display their own creations, and virtual shops to promote their own brands and products.


With the use of a set editor, players can either use a premade set as a starting point for their own creations or build completely unique settings based on their own specifications. Each of these metaverses has the potential to be gamified, and The Nemesis provides players with access to a set of games from which to choose.


Battle royale with weapons, car racing, arcade rooms, escape rooms, and a treasure hunt with items hidden across the map are all part of these games. The game also features companions who can be created, fed, leveled up, and evolved.


The objective is to have the players acquire plots of land on a planet with unique physical characteristics. As a result of its make-up, a planet's surface, or "filler," can have a wide range of textures and materials. Terrain on these planets can take the form of water, lava, rock, or snow.

Game Technology

User-generated content is supported in The Nemesis-created games. This ensures that every game remains at a consistent and high standard for the player. The Nemesis's game cards, which are sold in the platform's internal market, and limited-edition NFTs, which are sold on the most popular NFT markets, allow creators to incorporate rewards and power-ups into the gameplay.


Land NFTs

The lands can be purchased with the ERC-20 crypto token The Nemesis and can only be accessed through the Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain. An algorithm verifies the uniqueness of the generated matrix to produce a Land NFT that is composed of single units on a 5x5 grid.


A 3D SET can be placed on a grid unit, while the empty cells in the matrix stand in for space fillers. This adds yet another facet that sets apart the Lands NFTs. Matrices with building units and fillers from the same category arranged in the same way will be impossible to find, but matrices with identical building units but different fillers might exist.


Land NFT Features: 

  • Total Supply 200,000 Lands spread over 10 planets

  • 80 Sector customizable for each planet

  • Filler between template area (different for each planet)

  • Tradable Lands on NFTs Marketplace

  • 3D SETS sizes Small, Medium, Large

  • Name URL reserved

  • Color and custom flag for your land

  • Be the major owner of your sectors and choose its name. 


The Nemesis’ Game Currency: 

  1. COINS - can be spent in various ways, such as customizing avatars with skins and accessories, buying equipment and power-ups, buying tickets for events, signing up for tournaments, buying assets for sets and gameplays, and making donations. They are earned through unique challenges and specific actions like sharing or providing referral links to friends.  

  2. NEMS - The Nemesis Token will be an ERC-20 payment token built on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the basis for crypto transactions within The Nemesis ecosystem, users will be able to trade it in a centralized and decentralized exchange. 


That's it for our beginner's guide on The Nemesis.  Start playing The Nemesis by clicking here. If you have a game you want to see published in Rainmaker Games, follow the steps on this  article, good luck.  

Those interested in joining the growing community can follow the project via Twitter, and Instagram.

In addition, the Rainmaker Games' Discord channel is a great place to learn, connect, and grow alongside other holders who believe in the project's vision.


About Rainmaker Games: 

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